10 Must-Have iPhone Apps

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New to the iPhone? Or maybe you're a veteran user trying to clean up your apps. Whatever the case, we all need a little guidance when it comes to figuring out which apps to install. The ten iPhone apps on this list are ones we recommend every iPhone owner download, install, and actually use.
Picking the ten most essential iPhone apps that everyone should have wasn't easy, especially considering there are dozens of excellent apps, and hundreds of very good ones. And beyond the most highly acclaimed apps are ones that fit different personality types or special interest groups. I for one am a huge fan of to-do list apps and language-learning apps, although I recognize that's not everyone's cup of tea. Also not included here are apps that come preinstalled on an iPhone—and many of those are indispensible—such as Maps, YouTube, Calendar, iTunes, and Reminders.
Each of the apps that made this list represents some slice of mobile computing or mobile entertainment that we feel should be utilized: productivity, organization, social networking and communication, reference, photography, reading, and so on.
Eight out of ten apps that made this list are totally, 100 percent free. One costs less than $5. And one is free to download but requires a small subscription fee. Throughout the article, you'll find links to our full reviews of the apps when available, where you can often find tips on how to use the apps best, as well as any tiny snags we found in testing them.
You can find even more recommendations for iPhone apps through the links below. If you're an iPhone 4S owner, you might also be interested in the "10 Apps that Show Off the iPhone 4S" in terms of special features and capabilities. If you have suggestions for other essential apps, please do share them in the comments.

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