The 25 Best Android Games

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Bubble Wars


Bejeweled 2$2.99Bejeweled 2 is a high-quality recreation of the classic match-three computer game, Bejeweled. The premise is very simple: match gems on a grid to get rid of them before they overwhelm your screen and you lose. It's highly addictive. The Android app incorporates crisp audio and visuals.

Bubble WarsFreeBubble Wars is a fresh twist on bubble-shooting games, which rely on the premise that you shoot same-colored bubbles at other bubbles to get rid of them. In Bubble Wars, the obstacle is a hexagon in the center of your screen, and it spins based on the weight of the bubbles you shoot at it. It's ridiculously addictive and add a welcome new dimension to your typical bubble shooting game. I also really liked the two game modes, Defense and Attack, which reverse the goal of the game.

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